The Global Legacy of Our Jewelry

The Italian designers who crafted our collection of jewelry were inspired by an idea and a lofty goal.

The idea was to blend contemporary fashion with a rich historical tradition, a tradition that embraces the fabulous creations of the Czars of Russia, the Bulgarian monarchs of the 10th century, the noble patrons of the Italian Renaissance, the extravagant royal courts of 17th century Europe, and the even more lavish courts of the maharajas of British India.

The goal was to achieve a standard of excellence that ancient jewelry craftsmen might be proud of and yet would be affordable to today’s savvy and discerning 21st century consumer. For thousands of years, jewelry has been a potent symbol of power and prestige, worn by kings and queens, lords and ladies, the rich and the famous, all to display their wealth and status. From the Koh-I-Noor Diamond to the Star of India, gems and jewels have been objects of desire since ancient times—sought after, longed for, and frequently fought over.

The symbolic importance of jewelry, however, has never been limited to individual status or prestige. From time immemorial, it has played a major role in defining cultural traditions around the globe. The Greeks have their “worry beads,” made of amber. The Chinese adorn themselves with jade, to ward off illness or bad luck. The Navajos of North America prize turquoise and silver jewelry as a pathway toward happiness and health.

Throughout history, the making of jewelry has always been a global phenomenon. Designs were meticulously crafted by fine artisans, who travelled the world in search of precious metals, stones, pearls, and—most important of all—new ideas

Today, jewelry must fuse this noble past with the modern sensibilities of those who choose to wear it. Today’s consumers have a keen appreciation for the vintage designs of an earlier age, but they insist on expressing their own personalities. Our collection is designed for them. A luxury once reserved for kings is now a luxury available to you.